The BT Fund

The BT Fund is the name of Brownell Talbot’s annual giving program (formerly the Annual Sustaining Campaign and Parent Pride). This fund is the most important fundraising effort at Brownell Talbot. Making a gift to The BT Fund means supporting students, programs, faculty, and staff enrichment. Brownell Talbot is an independent school and as such, the education of every student is made possible by tuition and philanthropy.

The BT Fund is designed to cover the difference in tuition and the actual cost to educate a student at Brownell Talbot. This “gap” at BT is $3,500 per student.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my gift to The BT Fund go?

Your gift directly supports the Brownell Talbot student experience. Gifts to The BT Fund provide “unrestricted” or flexible dollars for current use during the year, and is used to support areas of immediate need or opportunity as determined by the Head of School and the Board of Trustees.

Who is asked to give to The BT Fund?

The Board of Trustees, parents, faculty and staff, alumni, past parents, and friends are asked to support The BT Fund.

What is the goal?

The goal is 100 percent participation from our parents, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees resulting in $250,000 raised.

Why is 100 percent participation so important?

It is a vote of confidence in our school, our faculty, and our educational mission. One hundred percent participation is evidence that everyone in our community shares in the effort. High participation in annual giving programs is a benchmark used by foundations and outside funders when deciding which of the many worthwhile schools will receive their financial support.

What happens when we reach our goal?

We celebrate! You may have noticed that when faculty and staff reach 100 percent participation they are awarded with a Friday jeans day. 

When families reach 100% participation by grade or House level, students get Blue & Gold Spirit Days every Friday plus the grade or house gets an invitation to the BT FUNd event!

How is the gap calculated?

Total Expenditures:

Operating Expenses (less depreciation and auxiliary programs)
+ Tuition Reduction (financial aid, scholarships and faculty remission)
+ Capital Expenditures
= Cost to Operate the School

Total Expenditures - Total Tuition Revenue = Net Deficit
Net Deficit / # of Students = The Gap

Can my gift be anonymous?

Of course! Simply indicate on your pledge card that you’d like your gift to remain anonymous.

Do all independent schools fundraise?

Yes, all independent schools fundraise. Tuition is the price tag for an independent school education, but it is not the true cost.

Why is The BT Fund so important? What does it fund?

The BT Fund pays for the essentials needed for excellence.

The BT Fund impacts every part of our community—faculty and staff recruitment and retention, academic programming, technology, athletics, activities, visual and performing arts and music, the unique socioeconomic diversity of our community, and more.

Why doesn’t Brownell Talbot simply raise tuition to cover the true cost of a BT education?

If tuition was increased to cover the actual cost of all programs, many families could not afford to send their children to BT. This could result in a drop in enrollment, resulting in a cutback of programs.

Brownell Talbot endeavors to maintain tuition rates that are comparable with peer schools and kept at a level that makes an independent school education possible for a wide scope of families with varying economic circumstances.

How much am I expected to give?

Our request is that you make Brownell Talbot your primary philanthropic priority. We ask that you contribute at a level that is personally meaningful and that makes sense for your family, keeping in mind the number of children you have at BT. Gifts range from $20 to $20,000. Every gift is greatly valued and deeply appreciated.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Gifts to The BT Fund donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

My company offers a matching gift program, can I use it?

Of course! Matching gift programs are an easy way to increase your contribution to BT.

What happened to Parent Pride?

Not everyone who contributes to our annual giving campaign is a parent - we felt changing the name was more inclusive and considerate of all who want to support Brownell Talbot.

Why are we asked for contributions in addition to tuition?

The cost of an Independent School Education is such that tuition alone does not cover the total cost of educating a student. Our development efforts are designed to solicit support in order to cover the gap between income and the cost of educating students.


The goal is 100 percent participation from our parents, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees.


60% Participation
Spin the BT Fund Wheel for things like donut day, ice cream social, a pizza party, and more! 

80% Participation
One week out of uniform! 

100% Participation
Blue & Gold Spirit Days every Friday plus your grade or house gets an invitation to our inaugural BT FUNd event!