Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School:

Every student.
Every mind.
Every heart.
Known. Inspired. Challenged.

Our Vision

By fulfilling our mission, we are actively building on the school's vision for a compassionate community of diverse learners empowered and determined to reach their unique potential and positively impact the world. 

Our Core Values

In having core values in which every BT community member aligns, we create a sense of mutual understanding, consistency, and trust that leads to stronger relationships and better outcomes for all. 

Portrait of a BT Graduate

The competencies detailed in our Portrait of a BT Graduate should be easily identifiable in our students as they learn, grow, and go beyond our campus to collaborate with and lead people from different national, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds in Omaha and abroad.


BT's Learning Culture

Brownell Talbot has thoughtfully designed an integrated learning culture that makes meaningful connections between the core components guiding the school.