College Visits

Each year, the College Counseling Office hosts over 35 college and university admission counselors on Brownell Talbot's campus. Juniors and seniors are invited to attend these visits, listen to presentations, and interact with the visiting counselors. These visits are scheduled during the school day and align with the class period schedule. Students must ask their instructor in advance for permission to attend a college visit. These events are just for students; parent attendance is not required nor expected. The following list will be updated as events are scheduled.

Scheduled Visits

  • University of Nebraska at Lincoln, February 25
  • United States Navy, February 26
  • University of Nebraska at Kearney, March 4
  • Creighton University, March 5
  • University of Nebraska at Lincoln, April 5

Students can sign up to attend through their Naviance Student account. Students need to inform their teachers 24 hours in advance if they are planning to attend a college visit during a non-free period.

College admissions reps: if you are interested in visiting our campus to meet with prospective students, please submit your request through