Campus Life

A Community Committed to Excellence

Brownell Talbot is a vibrant community of students, teachers, staff, and families who share a common goal: creating a compassionate community of diverse learners empowered and determined to reach their unique potential and positively impact the world.

In general, our school community is very much like a small town, where everyone knows everyone and peers hold each other to higher standards. It's a place where intellectual curiosity is cool and where instructors are able to focus on teaching in their classrooms.

Beyond our community as whole, our mission is also present in the way each individual level operates:

  • In Lower School, students enjoy the traditional classroom instructor but also have specialty instructors for French or Spanish, art, science, music, and technology.
  • In Middle School, students begin moving throughout campus for their classes and study halls, still enjoying a homeroom, but experiencing the responsibility of managing their time between classes.
  • In Upper School, students have even more freedom and, thus, more responsibility. During free periods, Upper School students are able to schedule appointments with teachers or administrators, remain in the commons area to study alone or with friends, or perhaps volunteer to help in the main office. Seniors have the freedom to leave campus during free periods and lunch break.

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