Middle School Athletics

All Middle School students in grades 5 though 8 participate in a 50-minute physical education class each day. The goals of the Middle School physical education program are to develop:

  • Physical, social, and emotional growth.
  • Physical fitness and make it a way of life.
  • Good sportsmanship and character.
  • A feeling of self-accomplishment.
  • Fundamental individual and team skills.

Starting in seventh grade, teams are formed for official interscholastic competition. Every student is encouraged to go out for each athletic activity offered. This affords an opportunity for students to learn about the game, check their skill level, experience working and playing with teammates, participate in competitive game situations, and enjoy good physical exercise.

For certain sports, "A" and "B" teams may be formed in accordance to the individual's grade level, ability, and commitment. Each student is provided with a meaningful opportunity to participate in competitive situations. "Meaningful participation" does not mean equal playing time, but it does mean providing students with the opportunity to further their learning and development in a game situation.

The exception to this are the club teams formed outside of official school activities where students have an opportunity to compete for a spot on the team.