Vocal Music

Lower School

Lower School music students sing, move, and play Orff instruments to develop their concepts and skills. Our “Orffestration” includes glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones, and dozens of other professional quality percussion instruments. Guest artists present at the school each year, emphasizing cultural or historical themes. Our Lower School choir, Serenading Raiders, performs at the Durham Western Heritage Museum, various senior living facilities, and other venues around Omaha. 

Middle School

In Middle School general music, students in fifth and sixth grades learn how to compose original music using an innovative technology curriculum. Seventh grade music class teaches students everything they ever wanted to know about modern popular music, and eighth grade music class is a study in film music, culminating in students using iPads to create silent films scored with their own original music. Middle School students can start their a cappella education early by joining BT's award-winning group, On Deck.

Upper School

Upper School Choir is an open-enrollment elective, meaning that any student who wishes to continue singing in grades 9-12 may join, audition-free. Participating students have enjoyed great success in recent years at District Music Contest, Frontier Conference Vocal Music Clinic, in the Rally for the Arts, as cast members in the Upper School musical, and as members of community ensembles, programs, and productions. Upper School students may also audition for Pirate Radio, BT's Upper School a cappella group. 

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