2019-2020 BT Theatre Season

November 8-10
Catch Me If You Can (grades 7-12)

February 6
Rally for the Arts (grades 9-12)

February 13
Rose Theater Middle School Play Festival (grades 5-8)

April 2, 4, 5
Gathering Grimm (grades 9-12)

Theatre classes are designed to explore and teach both the technical and performative side of theatre production. Middle and Upper School classes meet twice each week to collaborate and develop their skills in many arenas including lighting, set and costume construction, sound engineering, acting, directing, management, design, theatre history, and more. Students are encouraged to discover all aspects of theatre. Theatre classes often work collaboratively with the art, music, and technology departments.


Annual Productions


Brownell Talbot presents a fall musical, a spring play, and a Middle School play festival every year. On alternating years, the extracurricular performances of the musical or play are presented solely by the Upper School students, while the other is a combined effort of the Middle and Upper Schools. The Middle School play festival is in partnership with the Rose Theater and provides an opportunity for all students in grades 5 through 8 to participate in the development of a new play. Seventh grade students write scripts, sixth grade students act, fifth grade students design and paint the sets, eighth grade students market the festival, and Upper School students direct the productions.

Previous BT Theatre Productions

Fall 2014: Shrek! the Musical (grades 7-12 musical)
Spring 2015: The Game's Afoot; or Holmes for the Holidays by Ken Ludwig (grades 9-12 play)
Fall 2015: The Addams Family (grades 9-12 musical)
Spring 2016: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis adapted (grades 7-12 play)
Fall 2016: Honk! (grades 7-12 musical)
Spring 2017: Radium Girls by D. W. Gregory (grades 9-12 play)
Fall 2017: Bring It On (grades 9-12 musical)
Spring 2018: The Frogs by Aristophanes (grades 7-12 play)
Fall 2018: Cinderella (grades 7-12 musical)
Spring 2019: Whirligig (grades 9-12 play)
Fall 2019: Cinderella (grades 7-12 musical)

All students are encouraged to audition for on-stage roles and off-stage technical responsibilities, regardless of previous experience. Our musicals represent some of the finest student artistry we have to offer.