Why BT?

We Have 155 Years of Experience Inspiring Students

Want to know what really sets us apart? Start with our students. At Brownell Talbot, we embrace student's inner strengths and talents, nurturing their passions, inspiring their curiosity and building their confidence. By encouraging our students to learn passionately, think critically, act responsibly, and lead with integrity, we're able to help them reach their fullest potential.

This goal is what drives our approach to education at all levels. It's what helps our students succeed. It forms the foundation for the impressive statistics that set us apart, here in Omaha and across the country. It's what makes us different.

Learn Passionately

Our dedicated faculty members work hard to uncover each student's strengths early on, paving the way for a successful academic career. Through small class sizes, low student-instructor ratios and enthusiastic faculty, we're able to cultivate a supportive environment and a lifelong love of learning.

Think Critically

Our students are exposed to a learning environment that develops critical thinking during crucial developmental years. They watch, learn, grow, and develop global thinking through a lens that fosters diversity and possibility, alongside a challenging curriculum that becomes a normal and anticipated part of their daily experience.

Act Responsibly

We offer students the challenges, independence, and responsibility they need to think for themselves and act intelligently, in and outside of school. This level of trust results in more confident, mature, and respectful students and adults.

Lead with Integrity

Brownell Talbot has a 100-percent college placement among our seniors. SAT and ACT scores are higher on average than any district in the Omaha metropolitan area. We provide opportunities parents won't find anywhere else - from a rigorous curriculum, international travel, and summer enrichment to community service programs and beyond. By teaching students the importance of setting and achieving goals, as well as the value of character, we prepare students to navigate the world with stewardship and success.

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Brownell Talbot has a 100 percent college placement rate. Check out where our students have been accepted!