The education you will receive and your experiences at BT will open doors for college and life, and the memories you make will bring you happiness for a lifetime. For these reasons and so many more, Brownell Talbot is a priceless investment. If you have the drive and desire to study at BT, we’re here to help you and your family make the investment. In addition to financial aid and the Malone Scholars Program, we are proud to offer the following scholarship opportunities.

Merit Scholarships are available for new students entering ninth grade. This one-time scholarship is based on entrance exam scores. Qualifying applicants will receive $1,000 toward ninth grade tuition.




Student Leadership Award

Established in honor of retired headmaster Dianne K. Desler and her 42 years of service as a teacher and administrator, leadership scholarships are awarded to students registered and attending Brownell Talbot in eighth grade who demonstrate leadership in academics, activities, or character. To receive this award, the student must enroll for ninth grade by the re-enrollment deadline.

Scholarships are given in one of the three award categories and are based on many factors, which may include exceptional (or exceptionally improved) grades and assessments; participation in multiple and diverse activities; notable performance in one or more activities; and BT’s Points of Pride.