International Applicants

Brownell Talbot understands the value of a diverse student body, and each year welcomes a select group of international students to join the BT community. The number of international students enrolled each year is limited to ensure visiting students receive the benefits of cultural integration and English language immersion.

BT seeks international students who are:

  • Applying for grades 7-11.
  • Academically motivated and successful.
  • Emotionally and socially mature.
  • Interested in joining clubs and activities.
  • Respectful of world cultures and values.

Your Home Away From Home

Host families are typically BT families, faculty and staff, or families with close ties to the BT community. Brownell Talbot conducts background checks on potential host parents and carefully considers the international student’s personality and preferences and how they align with the host family through the matching process.

Host families provide a safe, supportive, and loving home for the academic year as international students adjust to a new culture, a second language, and an unfamiliar school. Host parents welcome the student as a member of the family and encourage them to participate in all aspects of family life. Most importantly, a home environment immerses visiting students in conversational English and ensures an enriching cultural experience.

Application Process

International students may apply for grades 7 through 11. To be considered for admission, applicants must be no older than 19 years of age at the time of graduation. The following are the steps all international student applicants must complete:

  • Complete the online form.
  • Complete the online student questionnaire. Once completed you will receive a link to the application portal where you will provide demographics information.
  • Submit the application fee of $125 US dollars.
  • Submit one math teacher recommendation and one English teacher recommendation. Must be translated into English.
  • Submit report cards/transcripts for the two most recently completed school years. Must be translated into English.
  • Submit English proficiency scores from TOEFL, TOEFL Jr., iTEP SLATE or ISEE exam.
  • Submit proof of applicant’s identity: copy of passport and birth certificate.
  • Schedule a SKYPE interview with the Brownell Talbot ELL teacher and Dean of Students.

The school is really small so I got to know pretty much everyone in high school. Despite the size, BT offers so many activities, and everybody can participate in them. Courses are not too overwhelming so even though I am taking the most challenging courses, I can still balance them with my extracurriculars.

- Shelly, '18

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