Uniform Guidelines

The school uniform policy prepares students for life beyond the classroom where a certain degree of formality is necessary in order to reflect, in attire, the professional expectations of the workplace. Our uniform policy promotes these goals by reducing competition between students based on the style and expense of their clothes. The uniform policy also encourages individual expression based on character, personality, and special talents, rather than on the superficial basis of clothing.

Students must maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times. Appropriately sized uniforms must be properly worn throughout the school day. Shirts must be tucked in as required, knee socks pulled up, and all clothing must be in good repair. Items of apparel or accessories not included in the official description of the dress requirements are not allowed. This includes oversize clothing or styles of clothing that do not fit properly. 

Each division has school uniform guidelines specific to its students. These policies can be found in each division’s section of this handbook and below by expanding the sections by clicking on the + sign.

The administration will render the final decision on the interpretation of the dress code and personal appearance.

Clothing Suppliers

  • Dennis Uniform Company, 748 N. 109th Ct., Omaha, 402.496.9911, dennisuniform.com

  • DiGiorgio’s Custom Sportswear, 14111 Q Street, Omaha, 402.894.5627, digiorgios.com 

Brownell Talbot Parents Association (BTPA) offers gently used uniform sales periodically throughout the year. Those sales are communicated via email and social media two-three weeks before each sale.