Global Mindset

Brownell Talbot's globally minded learning environment requires students to be active participants in their  education. Our classrooms and teachers are equipped to support inquiry and exploration, positioning BT students as practitioners rather than consumers. Flipping classrooms to a dynamic, interactive space, where conceptual learning is the focus stimulates curiosity, critical thinking, and problem solving. Students of all ages respond to engaging classroom activities, collaborative opportunities, and assignments that force them to re-evaluate what they think they know. 

At BT we leverage technology to connect students to peers in other communities or countries in learning activities. This connection furthers students’ perspectives but also teaches them how to be inquisitive and collaborate across physical and metaphorical borders. 

Common Ground Collaborative

Brownell Talbot is a member school within Common Ground Collaborative, an international collaborative where all institutional members are like-minded in their goal to identify the pedagogical practices that support the school’s common principles of learning at all levels - in BT’s case, preschool through senior year.

Underpinning all of this work are the attributes of a global education that will be interwoven into BT’s existing standards and curriculum that ensure our students are prepared for life beyond BT.

Through our work with CGC, we are addressing our school’s specific strategic plan initiatives of:

  • Global Mindset - Develop a globally focused curriculum and staff that prepare students with knowledge and skills, with a focus on language and culture, in order to successfully engage with the global community.
  • Learning Environments - Define and become the standard for excellence in learning environments, facilities, equipment, campus safety, and technologies within global education.
  • Environmental Sustainability - Create an environmentally conscious culture that focuses on sustainability and equability, by having a deep understanding of the impact human beings have on the natural world.

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