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Celebrating the End of the School Year

Parades, reverse parades, drive-by birthdays, congratulatory signs in yards, chalked driveways, physically distanced driveway dinners, Zoom classroom goodbye parties, Zoom Chapels, and Celebrations. In our COVID-19 reality, we’re all getting creative in how we celebrate milestones, holidays, and birthdays. Very fittingly, this Saturday the BT community will mark the close of the school year celebrating with the Summer Send-off Parade. We have the opportunity to come together (at a safe distance), wave goodbye to teachers, and share well wishes with our graduating seniors. 

Whether you join the BT community for the parade or create a ritual of your own, celebrating the end of the school year and transition to summer is especially important this year. As a collective, many in our community have been learning and working from home for the past three months, so the shift to summer-mode will require some intentional thought and consideration. 

Let us pause here to recognize that this call to celebrate comes at a time when we may also be struggling with the realities of pandemic life. We acknowledge this is a moment in which many of us notice the presence of opposing emotions simultaneously: we grieve the loss of traditional events and celebrate graduations and division level transitions; loneliness is present as we long to share physical space with friends and loved ones and we feel supported by phone conversations and video chats; worry of a summer full of physical safety precautions and excitement for the long, spacious days of summer. Fortunately for us humans, our experience is not limited to one dimension; we have the capacity to notice the fullness of all of our experience.

Allowing for the range of emotions and experiences present in our community, we invite you to consider how your family will celebrate the end of this school year. This celebration, in whatever form, will serve as a signpost marking the end of this chapter of school and the transition to the summer chapter. As you prepare to celebrate, we offer these prompts for reflection:

  • How will you celebrate the end of the school year?
  • How has each family member grown this school year?
  • Who has helped you along your journey this year? How can you celebrate these people?
  • Which experiences are you grateful for? What has inspired you?
  • What is one obstacle you overcame, and how did you turn this into an opportunity for growth? 

To help you get started, here are just a few of the things the counseling department is celebrating as we reflect on the academic year:

  • A growth mindset as students embraced learning and their ever-changing environment.
  • Vulnerability as students honestly shared what this experience has been like for them.
  • Personal growth, self-discovery, and grit that was fostered through distance learning.
  • Pride as we welcomed seniors back to campus for Senior Locker Clean Out. 
  • Connection with families during drive-through supplies pickup. 
  • Shared humanity - kindness and compassion as our community rallies to support each other.

Regardless of how your family decides to mark the end of this very unique chapter, we wish you all the best for a fun-filled, sun filled, dance into summer.  



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We would like to acknowledge and thank our family members and BT community members who are healthcare workers. During this pandemic, we are grateful for the care and compassion provided by all healthcare workers and recognize that some may feel an additional level of stress during these challenging times. While listening to the Ten Percent Happier podcast: How to Handle Coronavirus Anxiety, the company shared they are providing free access to their Ten Percent Happier app for six months for all healthcare workers. Please email for access. We hope you enjoy this valuable resource.