K - Grade 5

Note: The following information pertains to distance learning enacted because of campus restrictions or closure. Families who intentionally enrolled in distance learning will receive direction regarding their program from their teachers.

When campus is temporarily closed or students are attending in a hybrid on-campus/distance learning model, Lower School teachers will continue to provide instruction and learning activities that will engage and challenge our students at Brownell Talbot. Students will participate in a variety of activities using SeeSaw as the primary tool. In grades 3-5, students will also engage with Google Classroom to assist in learning. Instruction and activities continue to emphasize collaboration, engagement, response, practice, and creativity. These activities involve both technology and materials readily available at home.

Through the distance learning experience, students, teachers, and families must partner together to ensure student success. As a team we can create a learning experience that will meet the needs of all of our learners. 

Our Approach

  • Learning for students is holistically focused, giving students the opportunity to develop cognitive, physical and social emotional skills.
  • Learning engagements encourage children and families to engage in learning together within their environment.
  • Learning connects to current units of inquiry and curriculum. 
  • Opportunities and prompts support students to share their feelings, considering how they can manage concerns they may experience as a result of the change in their schooling and being away from their friends and the school environment.

Daily Routines

Synchronous time will include:

  • Morning meeting (10-15 minutes). 
  • Synchronous mini-lessons in math and reading (10 minutes).
  • Asynchronous learning activities provided through SeeSaw or Google Classroom. 
  • Small groups assigned weekly (2-3 times per week).
  • Office hours at the end of the day (10 minutes).

STARS classes will be asynchronous. Teachers will use SeeSaw to communicate assignments and provide activities for students to participate in.


Students are expected to participate in all classes and activities on distance learning schedule. Each student will be expected to follow that schedule, attend live classes, and use the the expectations listed below:

  • Students are required to log into the zoom link five minutes before class begins and wait in the waiting room for their teacher.
  • Students must be on mute the entire time unless they need to ask questions or are participating in a group discussion. 
  • Students must have their cameras on so that the teacher can connect with the student when needed.

When the camera is on, keys to success include:

  • Stable iPads. Refrain from moving the iPad or laptop around. Using a frame holder is a great way to ensure iPads are steady. 
  • Sitting attentively. Minimize how much you move around and sit in a school appropriate location at a desk or table.
  • Keeping pets out of the frame. We love your animals, but their cuteness can distract from learning.
  • Dress appropriately. In addition to being in uniform, you are asked to not cover up with blankets and to keep the hoods of your hoodies down. 
  • No eating during class. Finish all snacks and meals prior to class.
  • Set a morning routine to ensure student is ready to attend classes and be successful that day.
  • Provide quiet learning environment.
  • Families are asked to visit SeeSaw often to assist students with asynchronous work when needed.
  • Help guide students with getting into their Zoom classroom and work to teach them to do this on their own. 
  • Work collaboratively with your child’s teacher to build independent learning skills to work toward grade-appropriate accountability. 
  • Provide continuous communication with teachers on the progress students are making at home.
  • Utilize office hours to effectively communicate with the teacher and ask clarifying questions.

Teachers will provide a variety of activities and learning opportunities that will engage students at home. These activities can be done through a variety of methods such as synchronous Zoom lessons, independent work (asynchronous), and activities to differentiate instruction.


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