I have read and agree with Brownell Talbot College Preparatory School’s Raider Zone Extended Care information sheet. I understand that fees are based on enrollment, not attendance. There are no fee decreases for sick or missed days, weather days, or holidays. In the event that the State of Nebraska mandates the closure of the school for health reasons, Raider Zone charges will be adjusted for any school days when the program is not available.​​
All prices are for the entire 2020-2021 school year and will be billed per my selected FACTS Payment Plan. ​
If I need to extend my child’s time beyond my selected program, additional charges will be added to my monthly FACTS charges and billed as “incidental extended care.” After a grace period of 5 minutes, I will be billed the appropriate extension charge listed on the Raider Zone Extended Care information sheet.​
I understand that I will be charged $5 per minute past 6:00 pm without exception.​
Changes to my plan selection can be made at the start of each semester if needed. ​
I understand that in addition to completing this contract, I also need to complete the Children's Record required by Nebraska's DHHS and that my child cannot attend Raider Zone and enrichment activities until the Children's Record is completed. You can download the form on this webpage or pick up a hardcopy from the main office.​​​​