Lunch Menu

Brownell Talbot's lunch program is provided by Heirloom Fine Foods, the area’s only local and organic focused full-service caterer. Heirloom offers a seasonal menu that includes daily lunch options at a reasonable price.

How the Program Works

  • Families, faculty, and staff are given advance notice of the menu for the following week. Those interested in ordering one or more lunches must place their order on Heirloom’s website by Friday at 3:00 pm.
  • Lunches are delivered to school each day from Heirloom’s commercial kitchen on 72nd and Cass Streets. Each lunch is labeled and sorted by the student's name and designated lunch location. School staff deliver orders to classrooms. 
  • Students eat with their class, advisory, or House, either in their classroom or in another location where social distancing is allowed such as outdoors.

Heirloom’s Offerings

  • Menu options are nut-free and include dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian choices. Please note, Heirloom’s kitchen is not a nut-free facility and it does handle other allergens, including but not limited to wheat and dairy. 
  • Snack add-ons are available for purchase and include items like granola bars, hand fruit, chips, and protein snack packs. 
  • Beverages are not available for purchase through Heirloom. Students are required to bring their own pre-filled water bottle each day.

Students may also bring their lunch. Because of required health and safety measures and to minimize the amount of post-lunch cleanup that will be needed in classrooms, we have made some adjustments to what can be packed in a lunch. 

Packed Lunch Guidelines

  • All food items must be self-contained, easy to open without teacher assistance, and nut-free. To keep sticky spills to a minimum, no fruit cups, yogurt tubes, or sugary drinks are allowed.
  • To minimize spill risks, please send your child to school with a reusable water bottle pre-filled with their name on it. Filling stations are available throughout campus for easy refills. Water bottles are to be brought home by the student each day for cleaning.
  • No refrigerators or microwaves will be available for student use. 

Please note, for the first quarter, no outside food is permitted to be delivered to campus and seniors will not be allowed to go off campus for lunch.

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