Support and Personalization Focused on the Future

In addition to an outstanding curriculum in English, history, math, science, and world language, Upper School students can extend their education to fine and performing arts, technology, and physical education. Our College Counseling program, featuring an established curriculum unlike any other in the region, offers college counseling classes totaling nearly 100 hours of classroom time. And for students wishing to obtain advanced standing in college, we offer 12 Advanced Placement (AP) classes, Malone Schools Online Network college-level courses built in to the school day, and a science and technology electives rotation to help them further tailor their education.

An Education that Extends Beyond the Classroom

Upper School students have the opportunity to continue their education well beyond the traditional learning environment through international travel, outdoor education, summer enrichment programs, community service, musical pursuits, speech, and a world-class robotics and engineering program. Our goal is to help students understand what it means to thrive through a lively and vibrant exchange of ideas, to understand the satisfaction of setting and achieving goals, and to have the character and global outlook that will help them succeed in college and beyond.

Upper School students utilize the skills they develop as members of the Brownell Talbot community to learn passionately, think critically, act responsibly, and lead with integrity.