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Keeping Students Engaged, Inspired, Connected.

Our Approach to Technology

Now more than ever, students need access to up-to-date technology in order to discover vital information, stay on pace with their peers, and maximize their educational experience. As a result, we've made technology a priority at every level and stage of learning. This prioritization includes a focus on ensuring all students utilize educational technology safely, appropriately, and effectively. Beyond providing access to the latest educational technology, our goal is also to make sure administration, faculty, students, and parents are utilizing it as well in order to enhance all aspects of the education we deliver.

Lower School Resources

Every Lower School classroom is equipped with an overhead projector, document camera, Apple TV, two iPads, and two Apple Desktop computers. Students and instructors also have access to a full computer lab and a classroom cart of iPads and laptops.

Middle School 1:1 iPad Program

Brownell Talbot provides every Middle School student with an iPad at no additional cost to families. Filters are in place to address concerns about safety and information accessibility. Our instructors utilize the iPads to enrich instruction, enhance a traditional curriculum, develop content knowledge, and provide relevant, engaging educational experiences.

The goals of this program are to continue to teach children the fundamental and foundational content and incorporate important attributes of 21st century skills that include:

Learning and innovation: creativity and innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, applied knowledge, communication, collaboration, and teamwork.

Digital literacy: information fluency, media literacy, information, and communication technology.

Life: Social and cross-cultural interaction, flexibility and adaptability, decision-making, digital citizenship, leadership, and responsibilit.y

iPad Program Policies

Upper School 1:1 Laptop Initiative

Upper School students are required to purchase an Apple laptop. In doing so, our older students are constantly equipped with the technology they need to research, write, and connect with their instructors and peers in order to make the most of the Upper School curriculum.

The school-approved laptop for 2016-2017 is the Apple 13” Macbook Air (this unit is a custom configuration with a larger hard drive and additional Ram compared to the base unit from Apple).

Accidental damage coverage through Safeware will be optional. If you choose this optional coverage, Safeware will provide four years of accidental damage coverage for a minimal per incident deductible.

Technology Resources

Online Bookstore

Adams Books has been our textbook supplier for the past 18 years, and the company now offers an online bookstore, which provides Brownell Talbot parents with a more convenient way to secure textbooks for every grade. You can order online at


Through Veracross parents and students can securely access important information online in real time, including:

  • Schedules.
  • Report cards.
  • Lesson plans.
  • The school directory.
  • Household information updates.
  • Online re-enroll capabilities.

The following links offer documentation on how to use the varied functions available in Veracross:


All faculty and students are given GAFE (Google Apps for Education) accounts--a resource that helps students build solid computer skills in a safe, controlled environment. Every student has access to Google Drive, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, while further access depends on the student's age. Email accounts are activated for students when they reach fifth grade, and Upper School students have access to Google Talk, Google Hangouts, and Google Sites.