Portrait of a BT Graduate

The value of a BT education is demonstrated in the young adults our students become during their time here. The school’s focus is on mastery and personalization of the following competencies so that, as students go beyond our campus, they are prepared to effectively collaborate with and lead people from different national, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds in Omaha and abroad. A BT education provides a distinct and enduring advantage in college and within the competitive global economic environment. 

I have a strong sense of identity and understand the importance of my role in the world.

Who I am, my story, is unique. I am shaped by where I come from and the path I have chosen. I have value and so do my ideas. I have a voice and I am motivated to share what I know with others. I am proud of who I am. 

I am an individual, but I am not alone. Just as I have value, I recognize that all humans have value and I am curious about others. I know that I don’t have all the answers, and I know the convergence of thoughts and experiences generates the best ideas. I believe the diversity of human experience is its strength.



I am an effective communicator.

In every interaction, I am aware that the process of communication engages the ears and eyes first, seeking to fully understand the words and movements of others. Experiences with those different from me only enhance my ability to communicate and tell my story. Understanding that conflict and disagreement are inevitable, I have the skills to facilitate fair, peaceful, and successful resolutions. I am thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic, and effective in my communication.

I am a creator, imagining new futures.

I am proud of what I know and willfully acknowledge there is much I don’t know. I am continually learning and perceiving the world in new ways, finding hidden patterns to make connections between seemingly unrelated subjects. I make decisions, solve problems, and take appropriate risks when information is incomplete or not yet known. I am not afraid to fail. It allows me to reflect and find new ways to approach old problems. I believe in my ability to grow and learn.



I seek meaning and purpose in my existence.

I am motivated to explore my interests, passions, and moral purpose. I seek out opportunities to serve others, the community, and the world. Because I know myself and I am curious about my world, I am prepared to identify an impact only I can make, and I will make it. I strive for balance in my life, knowing it will benefit my personal well-being and the ways in which I am able to contribute to the world.


I share a duty of stewardship for the world I inhabit.

I am a global citizen. I know my daily actions can and do make an impact and my influence begins with my family, school, and local community. I lead by example in caring for the natural world and for humanity. I am an advocate for myself and for others, speaking up for my own rights and the rights of others.