Upcoming Q3 Electives for Grades 5 and 6

Fifth and sixth grade students have the following electives in Quarter 3.

Grade 5
Grade 5 students will be working on keyboarding skills, taught by Mr. Schindler and Ms. Preuss. This is an important skill for students to develop.

Grade 6
Grade 6 students will have the opportunity to select from Robotics with Mr. Lanum or Discovering an Ancient City with Ms. Peterson.

In Quarter 4, grade 6 students will take keyboarding while grade 5 students will take either Robotics or another elective.

More about Discovering an Ancient City: The class will select either Alexandria, Athens, Carthage, or Rome and generate a list of driving questions to guide them in their discovery. Small groups will then research a variety of driving questions and use the information to create maps, timelines, and architectural models. Recreations and 3D models of artifacts found in the ancient city and used by its people will also be developed.