Supporting Teacher Development

BT is committed to developing our teachers to ensure we are providing high quality professional learning opportunities. Recently, some of our Lower School faculty have had the opportunity to engage in continuing education opportunities that they will be able to share with fellow faculty:

Mrs. Karin Rohrig and Mrs. Jenna Dudley attended a two-day professional development seminar facilitated by Lucy Caulkins on writing instruction in Des Moines. They learned about best practices and precise details of writing instruction that is essential to help students not only reach but exceed high writing standards.

Mrs. Cassie Grant attended a Greg Tang math workshop in St. Louis, which had a goal of "teaching the tough topics" for grades 1-6. The focus was on critical concepts that are barriers to students' success: number sense, fact fluency, place value, fractions and decimals, and multi-step word problems.

Mrs. Rohrig, Mrs. Dudley, and Mrs. Grant will present their new learning to the rest of the Lower School faculty on January 8 during Inservice Day.