Smart Girl Society Talks Social Media and Privacy to Middle and Upper School Students

On Tuesday, November 7, Amie Konwinski, founder and CEO of Smart Girl Society, spoke to the Upper School students about online safety and social media. Mrs. Konwinski's presentation follows similar seminars given to Brownell Talbot faculty and parents at separate events held at the school. Her conversation with students focused on students taking just a little time to make better decisions in their online and social media lives in order to "protect their brand." She shared examples of how easy it can be for one's social media accounts to be tracked, information shared, and posted photos to be disseminated in ways not intended without the possibility of stopping it and the consequences that may come from such decisions. Students were encouraged to protect their privacy and given words and tools to use while navigating the world of social media.

Middle School students will hear from Smart Girl Society on Thursday, November 16. Ms. Konwinski will present to fifth graders first and then sixth through eighth graders.

Additional Resources

Smart Girl Society recommends families formalize their social media expectations and guidelines for acceptable use by completing and signing the Technology and Social Media Family Planner.