Rose Theater Play Festival

The Rose Theater Play Festival is a partnership with The Rose Theater and Brownell Talbot. It provides an opportunity for all students in grades 5 through 8 to participate in the development of a new play. Seventh grade students write scripts, sixth grade students act, fifth grade students design and paint the sets, eighth grade students market the festival, and Upper School students direct the productions. The culmination of this full year project is the performance on February 14 at 12:15 pm in Swanson Auditorium. Parents are welcome to attend this performance.

The plays to be performed are the following:

Littering Outlaw by Jack Dodd, '24, and Jacob Harding, '24
Directed by Andrew Massey, '21, and Molly Clark, '22

Another High School Story by Asal Mohammadi, '24, and Clare Schinzel, '24
Directed by Calvin Billig, '22, and Riley Hawkins, '22

Driving in Saudi Arabia by Mattingly Barnes, '24, Anna Khan, '24, and Abigail Stein, '24
Directed by Gabrielle Boles, '22, and Lillian Cohen, '19

Cat's Outta the Bag by Maddie Smith, '24, and Alison Gardner, '24
Directed by Hanna Kober, '21