House System Welcomes New Students

The 2017-2018 school year began with a smash. Smashed eggs, that is. The annual House System Induction took place on the first day of school. A total of 36 new Upper School students were welcomed into their new advisory House in a new manner. Students gathered in the bleachers in House groups and the new students were called down to the football field and given an egg, which happened to be filled with paint. Students then threw the egg at a large canvas mounted on the field. When the eggs hit the board, the splattered paint revealed the students' House color, and they were then escorted to sit with their new House and receive their official House System shirt.

Brownell Talbot welcomes the following new House members to Upper School:

Abbott House - Josie Petrulis, Aishani Srikumar, Maddie Whitmore, Roxy Hou

Butterfield House - Crystal Huang, Grayson Shirey, Yirong Liang

Clarkson House - Ismael Ali, Oscar Henery

Dake House - Michael Combs, Jake Gibbs, Paul Martinez

Gillmore House - Morgen Gardner, Amal Imran, Kaitlyn Scott, Annie Zhang

Hermann House - Dylan Brown, Andrew Massey, Ferris Li

Hitchcock House - Matthew Alli, Ryan Pettit

Hoyt House - Hanna Kober, Thalia Lawson-Betum, CeCe Stuke, Shin Xin

Ingalls House - Kaley LeBlanc, Janki Patel, Isabelle Lu

Patrick House - Evan Ferrer, Tommy Pugsley

Saratoga House - Ariana Nieves, Lily Teunissen, Olivia Vovk

Worthington House - Adi Pillai, Danny Stein, Austin Vetter