Heads Up: Sophomore Poem Included in National Publication
Heads Up: Sophomore Poem Included in National Publication

Congratulations to Anna Kotula, '19. Her poem entitled "I Am Crushing On You" was selected for publication in the Fall 2016 Contest Book by Creative COMMUNICATION.

I Am Crushing On You

I think it is your wink

Or maybe the way you think


It's the way you act

You are so genuine, that's a fact

You are so bright and make me smile

Your number is on my speed dial

You make me happy and content

If you only knew how much you meant

There is so much to be thankful for.

I have everything;

So why need something more?

When you walk down the halls, I can't help but get shy

Every time you say hi, I feel as if I am going to die

I love everything about your personality and charm

I know that you would never cause me any harm

The one thing I am scared of is losing you

I know that people change,

But do you think about me too?

Looking at a photo album just shows how you are steadfast

You wonder how time and life have gone by so fast

You fill everyone's heart with joy and are devoted

You are my missing puzzle piece and that isn't sugar coated