Heads Up: Robotics Teams Compete At World Championships

Three Middle School robotics teams and three Upper School robotics teams competed at the highest level in the world in Louisville, Kentucky, April 19-22. The event started off with a parade of nations and six students from Brownell Talbot took part as the rest of our team members watched and cheered from seats in Freedom Hall in the Kentucky Dome. All teams competed in 10 qualifying matches and all teams worked with international partners. The Middle School teams battled through some mechanical and programming issues by problem solving and awesome critical thinking. The Upper School teams' robots were a bit less finicky over the weekend, but on several occasions had to compete 1 v 2 because their partner had a non-working bot or missed the match entirely. In the end the team records all hovered around six wins and four losses. The Middle School teams coming in around four wins and six losses. The new game for the 2017-2018 season was revealed and all students are excited to figure out what kind of robot we will build next.

Individual Team rankings were:

1028A (Ciaran Rochling, '20, Rashaan Yapp, '20, and Brandon Harrell, '19) finished 30th out of 94 teams in the Research Division.

1028B (John McElderry, '18, Boden Whitmore, '18, Daniel Ning, '18, and Vincent Tang, '18) finished 33rd out of 94 teams in the Engineering Division.

1028S (Sean O'Connell, '17, Anjana Srikumar, '17, Lauryn Caster, '17, Brett Graves, '17, Jackson Henery, '17, Jack Bydalek, '17, and Shane Fleming, '17) finished 43rd out of 94 in the Arts Division.

1028J (Jackson Morris, Will Lischer, Aaron Kutty, Akshay Mehta, and Matthew Eversole) finished 63rd out of 80 in the Middle School Opportunity Division.

1028X (Rayaan Sattar, Renee Samieva, Maggie Estabrooks, Vikram Menon, Landon Sanders, Colin Alli, James Music, and Frank Soto Tighe) finished 67th out of 80 in the Middle School Spirit Division.

1028H (Camille Kotouc, Aishani Srikumar, Amal Imran, Janki Patel, Chris Schinzel, and Clayton Sanders,) finished 73rd out of 80 in the Middle School Spirit Division.