BT Returns to Roots with Eight-Man Football

Brownell Talbot is excited to announce the school is returning to eight-man football in the 2018-2019 school year! Playing eight-man football against schools of similar size positions BT well for making the playoffs in future seasons.

When Brownell Talbot decided to move to 11-man football several years ago, it was because BT's Upper School enrollment numbers exceeded the Nebraska School Activities Association cut-off for eight-man, preventing the school from playing in the playoffs. NSAA has recently changed the way it calculates football classifications, opening the door for BT to not only be competitive, but playoff ready with an eight-man team.

Coach Mike Mancuso announced the change to the Upper and Middle School student body at last week's pep rally to a round of cheers. Activities Director Jeff Rohrig also sees it as a positive move, stating, "this is a really good thing for BT and Raider football. We'll get to compete against schools our size, and we will have enough BT students to form a strong varsity team."

If you have questions about eight-man football or BT's football program, please contact Jeff Rohrig.