BT Launches New Composting Program

Today Brownell Talbot students, faculty, and staff took a big step toward becoming a more environmentally friendly campus by launching a new composting and recycling program!

BT is working with Hillside Solutions to reduce waste in the dining hall and better educate our community about ways in which we can take personal responsibility for taking care of the Earth. Today's lunch time marked the beginning of our program, with diners using bins marked landfill, recycle, and compost to clear their trays. Brent Crampton, director of partnerships from Hillside Solutions, will be on campus all week to answer questions and help make the transition to the new program as seamless as possible. In addition, BT's fourth grade Eco Council created terrific signage to assist visitors and those who are new to composting with identifying the correct bin to place items.

After today's lunch, Mr. Crampton remarked that BT students are pretty well educated on recycling and composting already and that they showed a level of enthusiasm fro the program that he hadn't seen before.

"I feel like I should help the world be a better place. I think doing the composting is a really good thing. I think other schools should do it too, because there is a lot of food in landfills that could be composted," said Eco Council member Dori Primmer, '27.

Amazingly, at the end of today's lunch service, we had produced one and half bins of recycling, not quite one bin of compost (which means people liked the meatloaf and burgers!), and ONLY one bin of landfill trash.

We look forward to welcoming you to lunch in Worthington Dining Hall in the near future and introducing you to our compost program!