BT Halloween Festivities
Halloween is approaching quickly! For families new to BT or those interested in a refresher, here is what to expect on Halloween!

Lower school students will participate in the Halloween Parade from 8:30 am to 8:45 am in Scott Gymnasium. Parents are invited to come see all the fun costumes! Lower school students will visit Upper School House buddies after the parade and prior to returning to class. The Houses are responsible for planning their activities with their Lower School partners. To accommodate these activities, there is no chapel on Halloween.

Feel free to send a change of clothes or simplify the costume after the parade to help your student be comfortable throughout the day. We will have recess outside, weather permitting.

Please no weapons (real or pretend) and no grotesque or scary costumes - ages 3-10 participate in the parade.

Classroom teachers or class parents will communicate about classroom party times and other details.