BT Students Rock World Language Exams

In March, French, Spanish, and Latin students in grades 7-12 participated in national language contests in their respective language, and French students in grades 5 and 6 participated in the Fles contest. Following is a listing of students who earned a medal or Honorable Mention for their performance. The World Language Department is proud of you!

French Fles 2019
Bronze Medal - Clarisa Marcano
Mention Honorable - Marco Brunelli, Sanjana Gollamudi, Emma Combs, Grace Evert, Grace Grogan, Corbett Lanum, Ellie Mancuso, Avery Nichols

French- Le Grand Concours
French 1A (seventh grade)

Gold Medal - Francesca Vidal
Silver Medal - Maddie Smith, Asal Mohammadi
Bronze Medal - Clare Schinzel
Mention Honorable - Matt Schinzel

French 1B (eighth grade)

Gold Medal - Bethany Haas
Silver Medal - Paige Birch, Briley George, Laura Recker, Sophie Reimer
Mention Honorable - Nate Brown, Lauren Dolson, James Music, Rayaan Sattar, Dylan Scott

French 1

Silver Medal - Vanessa Wu, Alex Wang
Mention Honorable - Alice Chan, Camille Kotouc

French 2

Gold Medal - Ismael Ali
Silver Medal - Karl Grafelman
Bronze Medal - Riley Hawkins, Audrey Klinefelter
Mention Honorable - Mandie Lisco, Ava Mumgaard, Kate Ohnoutka, Chris Schinzel, Isha Sindhav, Andrew Vinci

French 3

Mention Honorable - Ferris Li, Adi Pillai, Olivia Vovk

French 4

Silver Medal - Kylie Haney
Mention Honorable - Danny Akkad, Sarah Aoki, Sam Bock, Kyra George, Emma Kuhn

French 5

Gold Medal - Sukanya Kennamthiang, Meera Nair
Mention Honorable- Amanda Zhang

Latin NLE (2019)
Introduction to Latin (seventh graders)

Meritorious with Honor - Brett Fisher, Jacob Harding, Cooper Morris, Ivy Welch, Jack Dodd
Meritorious - Scarlett Henery, Lia Li

Latin I (eighth graders and Upper School)

Gold Medal - Hannah Stein
Silver Medal - Alex Wang, Adi Pillai
Bronze Medal - Frank Soto-Tighe, Maddy Lee, Serena Zezulak, Isabelle Lu

Latin II

Gold Medal - Maya Savory
Silver Medal - Jack Cenovic, Josh Randolph, Molly Clark
Bronze Medal - Charlotte Hussain, Ian Jenkins
Honorable Mention - Ariana Nieves

Latin III

Silver Medal - Jahnavi Salaria

Latin IV

Gold Medal - Danny Stein, Lily Haas (both for four years in a row)
Silver Medal - Luke Miles
Bronze Medal - Mandie Lisco
Honorable Mention - Miranda Knofczynsnki

National Spanish Exam 2019
Spanish 1B (eighth grade, NSE Level 1)

Honor - Jack Cohen, Elizabeth Goebel, Miles Hutcherson, Vikram Menon, Renee Samieva
Bronce (Bronze) - Emma Gould
Plata (Silver) - Katherine Thaden, Frances Thompson-McKenzie

Spanish I

Honor - Calvin Billing, Gabrielle Boles

Spanish II

Honor - Savannah Brym, Akshay Mehta, Maia Su

Spanish III

Plata - Danny Akkad
Honor - Kylie Haney, Emily Wei

Spanish IV

Oro - Brianna Liu
Plata - Aishani Srikumar
Bronce - Aakash Mehta, Allison Luo, Benjamin Su
Honor - Aruna Bashir, Colten Crosby, Emma Garfoot, Gracelyn Krejci-Hyde

Spanish V

Oro - Sukanya Kennamthiang
Bronce - Surya Buddharaju, Laura Liu
Honor - Conner Crosby