Teacher Spotlight: Natalie Simms

The fifth and sixth grade hallway is always filled with life, thanks to our teachers who create a fun and inspiring environment for students. That energy continues into fifth grade teacher Mrs. Simms’ classroom each morning, where students are greeted with her warm smile and big heart. When you observe Mrs. Simms with her students, it is easy to see how much she loves what she does everyday, creating new and exciting challenges for her students. She is a fantastic teacher and leader in the classroom and beyond. 

Mrs. Simms has been an educator for 15 years, teaching all over the country. She has received many honors and awards including being named a Leadership Lab Scholar in 2015, creating and developing curriculums for the Adventures in Writing Summer camp, and most recently, being accepted into the Ed.D Interdisciplinary Leadership program at Creighton University. She models goal setting, hard work, and dedication to her craft. Mrs. Simms said, “This year was all about being vulnerable and setting an ethical example for students. I hope my students saw that this year, my goal was to help them realize that the world is unpredictable but with persistence, flexibility, and positivity, they can still accomplish whatever they put their mind to, and sometimes even more!”

This year, Mrs. Simms has been an innovator and developer of a global curriculum that allows students to use critical thinking skills to connect to the world around them. This is something that is near and dear to her heart. When asked what she’s most proud of, Mrs. Simms said “I’m most proud of my students. Even while navigating a year unlike any other, they were able to discuss issues of humanity in the most respectful of ways: Presidential elections, racism, issues of fairness and equity, and global challenges. Throughout the year, they were able to share perspectives, disagree while honoring a differing viewpoint, provide evidence, and solve problems. This is not easy, and they accomplished all this with grace.” 

Mrs. Simms continues to model our mission and truly lives knowing, inspiring, and challenging herself and her students. She continues to push herself professionally and personally by setting high expectations. She consistently seeks out professional development opportunities and becomes part of committees that will push and challenge her. Using her grit and perseverance, Mrs. Simms has tackled this unique year, her doctorate, a new curriculum and supporting her colleagues with enthusiasm and positivity. She is an inspiration to the BT community, and we could not be prouder to have her on campus doing what she does best. 


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