Teacher Spotlight: Kari Newman

Every new school year brings new faces to campus. One of the new faces introduced to BT this past fall was chemistry teacher Kari Newman, who came to BT from North Carolina. She was eager to begin teaching in this tight-knit community and excited to be at the same school as her daughter, Ally, who is a BT freshman this year.  

Mrs. Newman started her teaching career in 1998. She spent most of her teaching career in an independent private school in North Carolina, where she taught in a variety of areas for 20 years. Subject areas she has taught include chemistry, forensics, epidemiology, and marine science. Mrs. Newman is motivated most by her students who have come back to tell her how much she inspired them. She has pushed students to become more than they ever thought possible and many are now doctors, veterinarians, SpaceX employees, astronomers, and inventors. 

Mrs. Newman has received many awards in recognition of her expertise in chemistry. Her proudest achievement was earning the Presidential Award in Math and Science Teaching in 2015. The honor provided additional professional development and an opportunity to work and learn in Washington, DC at the National Science Foundation.  

Mrs. Harms, BT’s Science Department chair shared, “Mrs. Newman is a teacher who inspires me and helped shape the teacher I am today.” Mrs. Harms and Mrs. Newman worked together in North Carolina and motivated each other to become better teachers. When Mrs. Newman was asked what she loves about Brownell Talbot, she said that she “enjoys the small classes, the students who are eager to learn, and supportive colleagues.” Mrs. Newman is especially skilled at identifying how her students learn and connecting with families, which effectively increases learning and allows students to find many opportunities to gain confidence in their abilities as scientists.

Mrs. Newman works very hard with her students and loves to “challenge them to think and apply their knowledge everyday.” She hopes to inspire them to look for connections between what they are doing in class and what they see in their own lives and then develop problem-solving skills they can apply in all their courses. A constant learner, Mrs. Newman seeks out new information and trends in education and in chemistry/environmental science to influence how she presents topics in the classroom. She enjoys routinely reworking the curriculum and finding new connections and examples to bring to class. She gives fresh takes on difficult subjects, offering new ideas, teaching strategies, and learning challenges for BT students.

On a personal note, Mrs. Newman is quite the campfire chef. She learned to cook over a fire before she learned to cook on a stove, which comes in handy during labs involving fire. We are honored to have Mrs. Newman share her expertise, experiences, and knowledge of teaching and learning with the BT community.

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