Teacher Spotlight: Jordan Stolpe

Mrs. Stolpe walked on campus her first day and so many were drawn to her. Her sense of humor, her calm demeanor, and witty personality makes her likable and easy to connect with. As you walk by her classroom, the students are actively engaged and genuinely excited to be there. It is full of science experiments, math lessons, moldy bread hanging in the windows, or some colorful solution waiting to be mixed later. Students are eager to know what they are going to learn about next. Mrs. Stolpe works hard to provide the hands-on science and math that our students have come to love. 

BT students excel in academics, the arts, athletics, STEM, and so many other areas. They are innovative, passionate, and care deeply about their learning. This is treasured by the teachers that work here and when Mrs. Stolpe was asked about her students, she stated that she “loves the devotion, inspiration, creativity, and personality I see from students every day. They are passionate, excited to learn, and love applying what we are doing in class to something happening in their real life.” She is incredibly proud of her students, noting that they came “into Middle School after being out for the whole last quarter of the year, with a new teacher and a global pandemic, which was incredibly challenging for them. They have overcome so much and have become the best versions of themselves because of it.” 

Mrs. Stople has been teaching for eight years. She started her teaching career in Council Bluffs where she focused in fifth and sixth grades. While there, Mrs. Stople started a community garden that helped bring the community together and provide invaluable experiences for her students. In 2018, she was recognized as teacher of the year at her last school. 

Even after just one year of being a part of this community, Mrs. Stople has made an impact on her colleagues and her students. Mrs. Stolpe is an example of living the BT mission every day. When asked how she does it, she said, “I do everything that I can to meet the needs of every student, academically and socially. I make their learning relevant, fun, and challenging. My students and I have gotten to know each other well this year, and the relationships built in the classroom have helped to push them past what they thought they could do. I'm lucky that I have been able to be a part of this incredible community with such a fantastic group of students.” 

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