Teacher Spotlight: Christy Gibson

As you walk the campus of BT, you may be lucky enough to hear the sounds of one of Lower School music teacher Christy Gibson’s classes in the courtyard, on the sidewalks, or in the classrooms with bouncing basketballs! Smiles spread widely across the faces of her students as they try new instruments and work together to create music. Mrs. Gibson uses so much of her free time to learn and innovate. She spends countless hours researching and seeking professional development that provides opportunities to be even more creative. Music is her passion, teaching is her gift, and she continues to find new ways to engage all of her students, allow the community to share in her work and push boundaries in the world of music education. 

Mrs. Gibson has been educating students for 28 years in Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska. She has taught in a variety of settings including private music studios and private and public schools. As a top notch educator, she has been recognized for her abilities and was nominated for the Culture of Excellence Teaching Award in 2015. She has also been awarded many grants, which have positively impacted so many of her students. Mrs. Gibson came to BT in 2018. When asked what her favorite things about BT are, Mrs. Gibson said, “the quality resources that allow each student to grow in their musicality and shine, and the positive connections I have within the large BT community.”

This past year has created so many challenges especially for music teachers. As a goal setter, Mrs. Gibson said, “my priority this year has been to provide each of my students with a variety of musical experiences within the music curriculum that will meet their social emotional needs. I know they are trying to navigate the many challenges and stressors of the current pandemic. My aim has been to create musical lessons using age-appropriate experiences for lots of moving, movement props, various instruments, and diverse musical selections, integrating children's literature and facilitating creative opportunities to express themselves.”     

Mrs. Gibson not only sets goals professionally but also personally. She enjoys many things from the outdoors and taking walks, to gardening and cycling. In fact, a couple years ago, Mrs. Gibson completed a metric century ride (63 miles) on her bike and went over 2,000 total miles during a riding season. When asked what she is most proud of, Mrs Gibson said, “I'm most proud of all my students in my nine classes! Whether they were working towards rehearsing, refining, and presenting their different music programs for this year's Grandparents and Special Friends Week or the Holiday Program, they didn't skip a beat! BT students enjoy musical challenges, have a strong curiosity to grow in their musicality, and demonstrate their personal best.” She believes with all her heart that her students “each have valuable creative gifts,” and she strives to help each one of them feel celebrated with her words, creativity, and support.

Thank you, Mrs. Gibson, for your time, efforts, and amazing ability to connect with your students!

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