The BT community is very excited about this year’s co-production with the Rose Theater of Nellie, Sweet Nellie (or There’s Trouble on the Tracks!). This production is open to any BT student in grades 3-6. If your child hasn’t signed up, there are still spots available. Please sign up at this link.  

For those who are interested in participating, please keep reading all of the information below.  

Statement from Rose Directors

We’re so excited to begin work on Nellie, Sweet Nellie or “There’s Trouble on the Tracks!”  This play is an old-fashioned melodrama, which means it’s a classic and highly theatrical tale of handsome heroes, young romantics, and dastardly villains. All the characters are like exaggerated cartoons and the plot offers up a familiar story of evil-doing “Bad Guys” trying to take advantage of the always-upstanding “Good Guys!” (We’ll let you guess who comes out the winners and losers in the end!) We will be staging our story in a style like you might have found in an old Victorian opera house or saloon-hall stage from the 1800s. We will need actors who like to be silly on stage- playing characters who AREN’T trying to be silly! - and have a lot of fun using their voice and their actions to create over-the-top emotions. We’ll also need actors who can talk to the audience from the stage and help them to be a part of the show with their cheers and “boooos!” It should be a very entertaining evening at the theatre for both those in the seats AND those telling the tragic-then-triumphant tale of Nellie, Sweet Nellie and her family, her charming beau Adam Oakheart, and the mean ol’ Munro Murgatroid who hopes to swindle them all out of their land and their love in the Old West!

We look forward to seeing everyone at auditions!

Your Directors, 

Michael Miller and Maddie Grissom
Rose Theater Teaching Artists 


Auditions are Thursday, March 5 from 3:45 pm to 5:30 pm in Swanson Auditorium. Students who are auditioning should plan to attend the entire time. Third and fourth grade students will gather on the Lower School gym stage after their school day to warm up and begin the audition process.  

The audition will consist of the entire group playing theatre games and cold readings from the script. The Rose Theater will provide an audition form to be submitted at the auditions. For the cold reading, students are given a short scene from the play and asked to perform it. They are not required to memorize these scenes. They will then take turns performing in front of the directors.  

Tech crew students should sign up on this form

Rehearsal Schedule

Leads will attend rehearsals every Monday through Thursday from 3:40 pm to 5:30 pm, beginning Monday, March 16 through Thursday, April 30.  

Chorus will have fewer rehearsals, generally two times per week, Monday, March 18 through Wednesday, April 24. These rehearsals will be based on the schedule below. Students are expected to be at rehearsal on the days that scenes they are in are rehearsed. April 27 through 30 is TECH WEEK, and all students will be expected at every day of rehearsal.  

Technical and theater design crew will attend the following dates from 3:45 pm to 5:30 pm:

Tuesday, March 17

Thursday, March 19  

Tuesday, March 24 – NO TECH CREW MEETING 

Thursday, March 26

Tuesday, March 31 

Thursday, April 2

Tuesday, April 7

Thursday, April 9

Tuesday, April 14

Thursday, April 16

Tuesday, April 21

Thursday, April 23

Monday - Thursday, April 27-30

Everyone will attend Monday, April 27 through Thursday, April 30 from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

The performance is on Thursday, April 30 at 6:30 pm. All participants will stay after school until the performance.  

Click here for the full rehearsal schedule

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