With a strong desire to keep our families healthy and safe, we are introducing a resource that will allow you to assess exposure risk and potential COVID-19 symptoms in your household. Developed by pediatric experts at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, the online Student Symptom Checker provides step-by-step guidance for deciding if it is safe to send your children to school – or to any outside activity or public gathering. 

While not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, this tool closely follows the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local public health authorities. We are introducing this valuable resource to your household through a simple web interface.

We ask that you register the students in your household no later than FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 20 and encourage you to begin using the Student Symptom Checker daily once registered. While the initial set-up may take a few minutes depending on the number of students in your household, the daily screening questions will take even less time. The more families that use this tool daily, the more information we will have to make decisions to keep all students healthy and safe.  

TIP: Make note of your assigned Household ID at registration as this will make it easier to convert to the app once available!

While the corresponding app will soon be available for IOS and Android users, we ask that you register the students in your household today and become comfortable using the Student Symptom Checker daily, even while on holiday break. For ease of access, we will also publish this link to the homepage. 

Please know the Student Symptom Checker does not collect personal information. Even as you provide your students’ names at registration, that information will only be used by school officials in connection to COVID-19 absences and will not be shared with anyone else for any purpose. 


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