Raiders Finish Well at BT's Friendship Meet

The Brownell Talbot Aquatic Club swimmers had an outstanding meet at the Brownell Talbot Friendship Meet on February 21-22 at Theisen Pool.

The Raiders collected several top three finishes including five individual winners and dropped times.

Among BT winners were:

Ingrid Nelson, 13          50-yard Butterfly 30.86, 50-yard Freestyle 28.82

                                       100-yard Breaststroke 1:28.71 time drop

Carter Hiley, 12             50-yard Butterfly 33.26 time drop

                                       100-yard IM 1:13.50, 200-yard IM 2:39.38

                                       100-yard Freestyle 1:01.67, 200-yard Freestyle 2:18.40

Tommy Sewell, 12        100-yard Butterfly 1:14.00, 50-yard Freestyle 27.9

Millie Knudson, 8         25-yard Butterfly 20.65, 25-yard Backstroke 19.66

                                       25-yard Freestyle 15.80

Grace Evert, 11             100-yard Breaststroke 1:31.68 time drop

Other BT top three finishers were:

Grace Evert, 11              50-yard Butterfly 2nd 39.58 time drop

                                        100-yard IM 3rd 1:23.57 time drop

                                        200-yard IM 2:58.82 time drop

                                        50-yard Freestyle 32.24 time drop

                                        100-yard Freestyle 3rd 1:12.35 time drop

                                        50-yard Breaststroke 41.93 time drop

Clarisa Marcano, 11      50-yard Butterfly 3rd 39.62 time drop

Cole Akin, 11                 50-yard Butterfly 3rd 36.79, 

                                       100-yard Butterfly 2nd 1:30.77 time drop

                                       100-yard Freestyle 3rd 1:11.56 time drop

 Ingrid Nelson, 13         100-yard Butterfly 3rd, 1:15.49

                                       200-yard IM 2nd 2:53.25,

                                       100-yard Backstroke 2nd 1:14.93 

                                       200-yard Freestyle 2nd 2:37.94

Lily Sewell, 10              100-yard IM 3rd 1:35.31 time drop, 200-yard IM 2nd 3:36.29

                                       50-yard Freestyle 3rd 36.50

Tommy Sewell, 12        100-yard IM 2nd 1:14.74, 200-yard IM 2:41.90

Carter Hiley, 12             50-yard Freestyle 2nd 28.81, 100-yard Backstroke 2nd 1:12.16

Aemilio Atchley, 7        25-yard Butterfly 3rd 27.48

Millie Knudson, 8         25-yard Breaststroke 2nd 23.75

Charlie Dencklau, 10   100-yard Freestyle 2nd 1:44.37 

                                       50-yard Backstroke 3rd 52.95 time drop

                                       50-yard Breaststroke 2nd, 52.60 time drop

Heidi Grafelman, 10     50-yard Backstroke 2nd 43.14

Elena Hiley, 10             50-yards Backstroke 3rd 47.81 

                                      50-yard Breaststroke 2nd 1:01.49

                                      200-yard Freestyle 2nd 3:31.55 time drop

 Noli Marsh, 9              100-yard Backstroke 3rd 1:42.12 time drop

                                     200-yard Freestyle 3rd 3:33.23 time drop

Theo Stiener, 11          50-yard Breaststroke 2nd 44.38 time drop

                                     100-yard Breaststroke 3rd 1:35.35 time drop

In addition to Brownell Talbot Aquatics, other teams in the field were Millard Aquatic Club, Lifetime Fitness of Omaha, Swim Omaha, and several unattached swimmers from the Lincoln area.

Up Next for the Raiders: Midwestern Championship Challenge and 8 & Under Final at Council Bluffs. 

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