Dr. Low Published in Anthology on Econarratology

Upper School teacher and English Department Chair Matthew Low was recently published in Environment and Narrative: New Directions in Econarratologya collection of original essays focused on creating constructive, shared discourse between scholars who study literature and the environment from an interdisciplinary point of view.

Dr. Low penned chapter 7 of the book, Finding a Practical Narratology in the Work of Restoration Ecology, which explores how stories about the North American prairie that have described it as "barren, empty, and worthless" contributed to "the eventual removal of all but small remnants of the indigenous plant, animal, and human communities that thrived on the midcontinent prior to Euro-American settlement." Dr. Low proposes that the role that the "storyworld" can and should provide positive change for the actual world and jointly work toward in terms of honoring and advocating for reconstruction of the prairie's ecosystem is essential. 

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