We are excited to announce that the accrediting body, Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS), has granted Brownell Talbot full accreditation as a school in good standing. This journey to accreditation was a three year process including collecting data from our community, creating nearly 40 committee reports, and having a four-day site visit from ten education professionals across the midwest region.  Enjoy the summary statement from the report produced by the ISACS Visiting Team below. A huge congratulations to our school community!

"The ISACS Visiting Team offers its heartfelt thanks to the Brownell Talbot College Preparatory
School community for their hospitality. We especially want to thank the School’s Accreditation
Committee Chair Jason Smith and Head of School Kristi Gibbs for their ongoing assistance prior to and during our visit. We also commend the entire Accreditation Committee and all who
contributed to the development of the school’s Self-Study—a very comprehensive document
that represents an impressive amount of work! And thanks to all of the staff members who
welcomed us and made us feel comfortable during these long but important days of work.

This is a school rich with history and affection for tradition. We arrived on a campus set in a wooded landscape, welcomed by the sight of a charming small chapel near the circle drive drop-off. We arrived at a time of intense elections...of dogs and cats by the third grade class.

Classroom and office doors were adorned with colorful poster boards decorated with messages
of gratitude from the parents to the staff. A pile of snow sleds were collected in a juncture of
Lower School hallways: a symbol of future snow days that (alas) were not to be.

We arrived to see preparations for the gala, the school’s most important fundraising and social
event. We were impressed by the spacious Upper School gymnasium where alumni visit every
year for the Hardwood Hustle, overeating and playing basketball while the students cheer in the
stands. And we quite frankly got lost in the Worthington Hall corridors (which proved to be far
more labyrinthine than the building’s exterior suggests!). Fortunately, we had generous staff
members and students to point the way.

Our visiting team are pleased to recommend the strengths and successes of Brownell Talbot
 and grateful to help identify areas for growth and to confirm the values of school’s plans
for improvement. There is a lot of work to be done by the school community, but this is part of
the joy of independent education. You have an energetic vision of the future and a community of
enthusiastic support for the School. We are excited to see what you can accomplish!"

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