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Brownell Talbot is committed to creating learning spaces that allow for increased social distancing due to COVID-19. As a result, BT currently has a waitlist for admission into grades 1, 2, 3, and 4. In order to respond to the potential demand of prospective students, BT is preparing to introduce a multi-age classroom that would open in January 2021. This is contingent on the school enrolling a set number of students to justify the classroom. 

A multi-age classroom creates a unique atmosphere for students to thrive, where the tendency to compare and compete with peers is replaced with cooperation and support. This is because older students are afforded the opportunity to teach and model for younger students, and younger students are able to learn from older students and gain confidence from these relationships. With the support of the teacher, students are able to drive their own learning at their own pace. All students can benefit from being in the multi-age classroom, but gifted students or those with higher-level thinking often thrive in this environment.

If you know a family with children in grades 1-4 who may be interested in learning more about BT's multi-age classroom, please let Director of Admissions Kim Schinzel know. And if you know a terrific candidate for this teaching position, please direct them to the job listing on

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