As Head of School and a parent to three Brownell Talbot students, I am thrilled to be part of a system where traditions are held in such high regard and a caring community dedicated to academic excellence exists. I remain continually impressed by the students, families, faculty, staff, and administration here, not only for their professionalism, but for the commitment to excellence. All of this ensures that every student succeeds academically, co-curricularly, and social-emotionally.

My colleagues and I have the most exciting job in the world: shaping the future of our community by preparing students for success in college and in life. Through our great campus events and day-to-day school life, I take advantage of every opportunity to get to know each student and family member. Creating and maintaining exceptional relationships is essential to the foundation of a healthy school community, and I am committed to this philosophy.

We acknowledge and welcome the unique relationship among families, faculty, and staff here at Brownell Talbot. It is through this collaboration that we are able to offer opportunities for students to learn passionately, think critically, act responsibly, and lead with integrity.


Kristi N. Gibbs, Ed.D.
Head of School


The Brownell Talbot Board of Trustees is responsible for charting the school’s course, for being future-focused, and strategic about defining and delivering the educational experience we all want for our students, teachers, and school community.

Contact the board with your questions or comments at trustees@brownell.edu.

Dean Hollis, Chair

Laura Crosby, Vice-Chair

Liz Mazzotta, Secretary

Robert Wagner, Treasurer

William C. Dana

John Foley

Stephen George

Christopher R. Hedican

Sherrye L. Hutcherson

Lawrence R. (Chip) James, II, ’88

Deepak Khazanchi, Ph.D.

John Kotouc

Dr. Pirzada Sattar

Lori Scott

Charles H. Vrana